What is the story of Africa today? After the wave of independence, it is up to us, Africans, to write our own story. In this age of globalization, we are floating in a sea of new human relations, and still we cling to a dream of emigrating to the West, however we can and at any cost. Why? Who should write our story now? Those who have left and found success there? Those who have never been able to leave? Or those who share Voltaire’s philosophy—that we live in the best of all possible worlds? What if we wrote our story together, in the context of a shared dream—not of leaving for the West, but of a strong and powerful Africa. A voyage to discover Africa’s place within the African Dream.

HD 16/9


Directed by: Djimeli Lekpa Gervais
Production: Studios Dlg
Original language: French
Country: (Cameroon)

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